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CYPHER Launch at Burning Man 2018

CYPHER’s debut camp and official event program at Burning Man 2018! What an incredible international community of beautiful humans who together made this magic happen. So much love and gratitude. WE DID IT!

CYPHER Program – Burning Man 2018

CYPHER produces immersive audio visual meditations which interface performance, art, technology and music.

• techno-soaked healing environments + lush sensoriums •


A seam is forged in the architectural and sonic center of the space. Participants interface with elements of performance and technology. The focal center encompasses a live multidisciplinary audio/visual experience inside our activated installation. A techno-soaked decompression chamber of utmost comfort and care.

These rituals shape participants perception through intimate guided A/V mediations surrounding an LED sphere. “Cheryl” the techno-ball, captures biofeedback which informs the trajectory of each composed experience. A gift of communal inclusion through sculpted sound, light, and performance yields the veil between human and machine more pliable, porous, and wandered.


Join us for a sweet pause in this mini restoration and inspiration session for the body, mind and soul. An offering of light movement and explorations to connect to a nourishing heart-centered state. We’ll play with our light sculpture and learn how to ignite your light within! We’ll explore nourishing ways to restore energy and access your heart’s intelligence.

YOGA : F A D E D / K I R T A N

An accessible movement practice that operates through the lens of chaos magic. It feeds off many methods of body based practices that invigorate the energetic system, where a heightened perception of self and community is activated. The environment is cuddled by soundscapes from Succubass + lush movement guided by Matt Drews.

Eject from the norm, through a guided improvisation fueled by sensation and poetic imagery; focus on ritualistic movement and the cultivation of trance states through dance, yoga, and somatic techniques. Fade into wholeness.


A tantric breath work ceremony facilitated by Joshua Farahnik. Heart opening, laughter inducing, mojo flowing goodness. No meditation experience is necessary.

CYPHER Program Schedule

Tuesday, 28 August 2018
17:00-18:00 Inner Oasis [Gil Bar-Sela + Kendra Bloom]

Wednesday, 29 August 2018
12:00-13:00 CYPHER Yoga [Matt Drews + Succubass]
20:00-23:00 CYPHER A/V Ritual

Friday, 31 August 2018
12:00-13:00 Breath Ceremony

Saturday, 1 September 2018
08:00-11:00 CYPHER A/V Ritual


Photos: Alex Montalvo, Omid Aladini, Matt Miller, Mette Hauge and Michelle O’Brien

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