Michelle O'Brien



Up at the ranch in our own private Idaho
(with a thousand hippy ravers for Esthetic Evolution Festival)

Last Rays of Sun

A weekend exploring the nooks and crannies of Oslo, catching the last rays of sun (and a moon) before the long Norwegian winter sets in.


And last but not least, a memorial for the 92 killed in Oslo and Utøya’s 2011 terrorist attacks:
“…og storst av alt er kjærlighetenand” [translation: …love conquers all]

A Week in Crete

A well-needed dose of Mediterranean sunshine and ocean after the long Berlin winter.


My 32 hour journey from Pflügerstrasse, Berlin to Boyce Rd. Maroubra, Sydney (via London, Singapore and a lot of bad plane food).

Polish fog

Fog, Polish dumplings, flavoured vodka, pigeons & stylish seniors. A wintery weekend roaming the streets of Krakow.

Scheming plans and adventure for 2012. Like Wonder Woman.

Just uploaded my photos from Peru. View the gallery here.


A selection of photos from my travels through Peru in Sep/Oct 2011. These pics were taken in Puno, Lake Titicaca, Cuzco, the Amazon Jungle, the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Nazca, Pisco and Lima.

Coney Island

A day trip to the magical yet eerie Coney Island, NYC, August 2011.


Here’s the Bolivia gallery from my South America trip in September 2011. These images are from Uyuni, Potosí and La Paz.


In September 2011 I travelled for 5 weeks through Chile, Bolivia and Peru. This is the first gallery from the trip with images from Chile – Santiago, La Serena and San Pedro de Atacama.

Just published my pics from Bolivia. Click here to view the gallery.

Just uploaded the first installment of my pics from South America: Chile. Click here to see the full gallery.

Moroccan Dream

A selection of photos from my trip to Morocco in May 2010. The images were taken in Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Volubilis, Fes, Merzouga, Marrakech and the Sahara desert… on a camel.