Michelle O'Brien


Out and Proud

Vancouver out in all its colours for the 2012 Pride Parade.


Vancouver Folk Festival

Three days of great music, great crowd and even better sunsets at Jericho Beach for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

Out to Play

Who needs cars anyway? The Mount Pleasant community comes out to play for Car Free Vancouver Day.

Vancity shines

The sun [finally] comes out in Vancity. Taken around Downtown Eastside, Chinatown, Mount Pleasant and Commercial Drive.

Oot and Aboot

Exploring Kits and Mount Pleasant, Vancouver.

Vancouver Farmers Markets

Dogs. Kids. Organic food. Coffee. Vancouverites in their natural habitat. Photos taken at Trout Lake and Kitsilano Farmers Markets.

Vancouver, Suburbia

Some old houses whisper, others seem to shout. And while some come across as quiet, even silent, they each have their story.
— James Johnstone